Home Recovery Program

Whether you have been to a Project Walk Center and are looking to continue your recovery at home, or if you have never been to Project Walk and are looking to start your road to recovery, the Home Recovery Program was designed specifically for you. With a customized exercise prescription, expert guidance from a Project Walk Specialist and little to no equipment needed, start your recovery now!
Project Walk Program Options


“I went to Project Walk Carlsbad for 1 month and the experience exceeded my expectations. My Specialist had me doing things I never thought possible and I didn’t want to lose what I gained in such a short period of time. Thankfully Project Walk was able to customize a home program for me and it’s overseen by the very Specialist who treated me at their Carlsbad center. Now I can continue to make gains while at home as I plan my next trip back to Carlsbad.”
Ryan Anderson - Reno, Nevada
Recovery Materials, Prescription and Training
To ensure all Home Recovery Programs are successful, Project Walk offers:
  • Customized Workout Prescriptions designed to guide a client through their recovery program. The prescription is created by a Project Walk Specialist and takes into consideration the client's goals, home equipment, home assistance and schedule.
  • Virtual Consultations by a Project Walk Specialist for Home Gym Set-Up and Exercise Instruction
  • Monthly Feedback from a Project Walk Specialist via Video Communication
  • Online Access to Over 150 Possible Exercises

Initial Set-Up Cost: A One-Time Set Up Fee includes creation of exercise prescription, first video teleconference with a Project Walk Specialist plus 1 year of access to the Client Recovery Materials that can be used online and via any mobile device. These materials include:
  • Home Exercise Manuals
  • Essential Project Walk Exercises
  • Load Bearing Exercises
  • Gait Training Exercises
  • Spinal Cord Injury 101
  • Explanation of the 5 Phases of Recovery and our methods
  • Project Walk Client Manual
  • Over 150 unique exercises in manual and video form

A Client Application is required for entry into this program. If a client has already participated in a previous Project Walk program, an updated application may be necessary.

“I live in a remote area outside of Karlstad Norway and heard about Project Walk through a friend of mine who went to America to attend Project Walk. I don’t have the resources to leave my home to go to America however through the online exercises and conferencing I wake up knowing that I have a mission and purpose for my body to get better. Project Walk created a custom workout prescription for me and video conference 2 times a month with my very own Project Walk Specialist. This helps me get better with each passing day! Thank you Project Walk!”
Jarle Dhal - Saffle, Norway
Virtual Training Sessions
Project Walk SpecialistA Project Walk Specialist may not be able to come to a client's home, but this could be the next best thing. Virtual Training Sessions allow a Project Walk Certified Recovery Specialist to guide clients through their recovery program. Sessions can focus on topics chosen by the client or the Specialist and last approximately 50 minutes. A Client Application must be completed for this program.

Cost Per Hour: $75
San Diego, CA