Project Walk requires all of its clients to complete an application and submit items such as a bone density scan and physician’s clearance prior to starting any program. These items allow our staff to better understand each client’s injury, current level of health, and program that will provide the best chance of success while ensuring our clients safety.

Many clients have questions about; why they need a bone density scan, do we accept complete injuries, and what factors may change my program? The answers to these questions can be found in our FAQ section. CLICK HERE to view the FAQ section.
Steps for Admission
The client admission process is broken down into multiple steps to help clients gather the necessary information for program entry. If any questions arise during this process, please CONTACT YOUR LOCAL FACILITY for help and guidance.
Step 2: Complete the Client Application
  • Contact Information
  • General Background Information
  • General Information on Current Physical Abilities
  • Medical History
  • Submit a Bone Density Scan (Click Here for info on this policy)
  • Select Program and Potential Start Dates
Step 3: Review Program Options with Local Facility Manager
Step 4: Confirm Acceptance into Program and Start Dates**
Remember, for guidance in this process, please CONTACT your local Project Walk facility.
**Some locations may require a non-refundable deposit upon scheduling of your visit. Please speak with the Facility Manager at the location you will be attending for more information on program deposits.

This application is for clients who are planning to visit a Project Walk location and/or enrolling for the Home Program.

Step 1: Fill out the Client Application

Step 2: Review our program options

Step 3: Current bone density exam

Step 4: Find housing & transportation

Please email any questions, comments or inquiries to

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