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Client Spotlight with Alan Tajiri
LAS VEGAS, NV: IAlan suffered a C3 incomplete spinal cord injury in January of 2014. Prior to his injury he was a supervisor at Wynn Casino and lived a very active lifestyle. Since his injury he has fought what he describes as an “uphill battle” with small victories along the way. His ultimate goal is to get back into the gym and walk through the Wynn hotel.
Changes in Las Vegas - New Management!
Project Walk announces that its Las Vegas location is now under new management. Effective this July our Las Vegas team will join our network of Project Walk locations that includes San Diego, Los Angeles, and the Bay Area. This means increased support from our Headquarters team.

To help with this transition we have also promoted Samantha Okumura into the role of Facility Coordinator. Samantha has been with Project Walk since 2014 when she started as a Recovery Specialists at our Bay Area location. Since then she has completed her Level I certification and relocated to Las Vegas in the fall of 2015. Since joining that team she has provided a lot of stability and leadership to the staff and clients. We look forward to her increased role and presence in the Las Vegas community.
Alex having another amazing visit. - C6 spinal cord injury
Alex suffered a C6-7 spinal cord injury in July of 2014. His first visit to Project Walk Las Vegas was in 2015 and he presented with a lot of tone and spasms. Through many sessions at the facility and at home he has gained a lot of control over his body. Take a look at his progression this past year. Way to go Alex, we are so proud of you and all your hard work.
Mark taking great steps around the floor. - C5 spinal cord injury
In October of 2011, Mark suffered a C5-T8 spinal cord injury. He has traveled all over the southwest but feels his best treatment to date has been with our team in Las Vegas. His continued progression is pretty special and we are proud of the hard work he puts in every week. Great job Mark!
Anne-Monique showing off her sit-to-stands. - Traumatic Brain Injury
Anne-Monique suffered a severe TBI in October 2013. Since then she has made tremendous progress from singing to dancing to kissing her mom on the cheek! Recently she did her best unassisted sit to stands to date! Congratulations to Annie and her family!
Anakaren reaches a new milestone. - T6 spinal cord injury
Anakaren suffered a T6 spinal cord injury in July 2012. She has made multiple visits to our Las Vegas location and continues to see consistent progress each time. Recently she was able to balance standing with only knees blocked, something she's been working on since August. Great job Anakaren we are so proud of you!
Featured in Las Vegas Review Journal
Jeff Roch rolls his wheelchair over to the standing frame inside Project Walk while one of the specialists adjusts the machine.
The equipment straightens Roch’s legs and provides him support throughout the workout. It’s time for another two-hour session to help put him on the path to potentially walking again.
“This always gets me sweating,” Roch says.
Roch was in a motorcycle accident 14 years ago that damaged his spinal cord and left him paralyzed from the waist down. He woke up from a medically induced coma to hear the bad news.
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