Why Project Walk

Project Walk is the leader in paralysis recovery because we are more than just client training. Our team is the most experienced management team in the paralysis recovery industry. We have progressed Project Walk and paralysis recovery through research, program expansion, education, training and development.
  • The only non-medical facility to publish peer-reviewed research articles based on our program.
  • The first recovery activity-based facility to train and certify therapists from all over the world.
  • Only activity-based recovery facility to have both US and Foreign locations.
  • The standard for paralysis and mobility related recovery with nearly two decades of experience.
spinal cord injury facility, rehabilitation, community support, project walk claremontOwning a Project Walk franchise means that you are a part of our family. We provide all of our franchise locations with the operational structure, neuro-rehabilitation guidance, ongoing staff education, developments in technology, research, and the tools necessary to successfully run your business.
Benefits to Owning a Project Walk Franchise
There are plenty of franchise opportunities for you to choose from but few offer the same rewards as owning a Project Walk franchise. This is not just another gym and it surely is not a standard franchise that sells fast food or does your taxes. By owning a Project Walk franchise, you are joining an elite group of people that are devoted to helping people within their community while being invested in a successful business. Franchise owners do not need to be a doctor, physical therapist, or have a medical background but instead have a passion for helping others.
The many benefits to owning a Project Walk include:
  • The opportunity to help people while being invested in a successful business model
  • Entire Operational Plans and Procedures for a Project Walk Business
  • Certified Recovery Specialist Program (only offered to Project Walk locations)
  • Ongoing Continuing Education for Certified Specialists
  • Administrative Training
  • Grand Opening Marketing and Support
  • Protected Territory - 10 Year Agreement
  • Applications and Leads Funneled Directly to Each Location
  • Brand Recognition
  • Multiple Revenue Streams Through Home Recovery Programs
  • Access to Project Walk’s Research
  • Project Walk Operational Software Package
  • Wholesale Equipment and Merchandise



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