Why should I join the Project Walk team?
Joining the Project Walk team gives you a great opportunity to own your own business and make a difference in the world. Unlike many franchise opportunities, Project Walk changes people’s lives and is the industry leader in an emerging market. We offer a comprehensive business plan and entire operation support that ranges from equipment procurement, to marketing, human resources, and of course continual progress in the industry through research and training.
How much is the franchise fee?
The initial franchise fee is $60,000 for US Franchises. This provides franchisee's with: Marketing and Promotions Prior to the Grand Opening - Rights to a Protected Territory - Set-Up/Training of Facility Management Software - Initial Specialist and Administrative Training - Staff Uniforms - Marketing Materials - Operational Support Until Location Opens. International fee's may vary depending on the country in which the franchise is located.
How much are monthly royalty's?
Project Walk Franchisees pay 9% every month of their gross sales.These royalties cover the use of Project Walk methodology, including trade name, service marks, and recognition as a Project Walk facility. Services and counseling to help you develop and grow your facility. Access to operational and online recovery software.  Access to research and development on activity-based recovery, client data outcomes, and new sources of revenue. Ongoing staff training and business consultation. National marketing campaigns and assistance with regional campaigns. Social media and website management along with lead generations.
How much does it cost to open a Project Walk?
While the initial franchise fee is $60,000, each location is different and the initial investment varies depending on size, build out costs, location, etc. Currently per our franchise disclosure document, an estimate between $248,000 and $300,000 is given.
Is financing available?
At this time we do not offer financing options for opening a Project Walk. Some equipment financing options may be available but this is dependent on each franchise ownership group.
Will I receive training?

Absolutely! Project Walk prides itself on its continuing education for your staff both in regards to paralysis recovery and running a successful Project Walk facility. Training is available online and at Project Walk Headquarters in Carlsbad, CA.

How do I acquire equipment and supplies?

As the industry leader, Project Walk has aligned itself with the top manufactures in the industry.  These partnerships allow our franchisee’s to obtain equipment effortlessly and in many instances below market value. To ensure the best and most consistent client experience possible all business critical items are regulated by Project Walk and their vendors.

San Diego, CA