Cerebral Palsy

How Can Project Walk Help You?
Cerebral palsy is one of the many neurological disorders that is treated at Project Walk. Initial signs of cerebral palsy are typically identified in infancy or early childhood but are permanent with no current cure. The disorder is presented in many different forms but affects muscle coordination and overall body movement due to abnormalities in the brain. Those portions of the brain which specifically control muscle movements.

Traditional treatment for individuals affected by cerebral palsy include physical therapy, speech therapy, medications to alieve pain, spasms, and seizures. Surgery may also be recommended for various problems related to loss of muscle control. Braces, orthotic devices, wheelchairs and other devices may be used to improved daily living and independence. Although many people affected by cerebral palsy are able to walk our goal at Project Walk is to improve on those abilities and get results that traditional treatment do not focus on.
At Project Walk we believe the possibility for improvement is endless. Our focus is not on “what a client can do” but “what they COULD do”. Individuals affected by cerebral palsy will spend their time going through gait training activities, strength training, and resistance exercises but most importantly our highly trained Specialists will retrain the individual’s body to do things it cannot currently do.

At Project Walk we push the limits of our clients and think outside the box. We promote a medication free environment and focus on treating the individual based on their goals and not what has been diagnosed as their limitations. Every client’s program is completely customized base on their abilities and goals. No one client is the same and neither are our treatment sessions.
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