How Can Project Walk Help You?
Project Walk has been in existence for almost two decades and continues to be the world leader in activity-based recovery.
Based on The Project Walk Method, Project Walk continues to push the boundaries of recovery by offering state-of-the-art equipment backed by ongoing research. The combination results in a fully-customizable program geared towards gaining the best chance of recovery.
It’s never too late to start recovery. Our activity-based recovery options are customized for each client and are based on an assessment and evaluation by one of our Certified Recovery Specialists. Our primary focus is to enable stroke clients to regain as much function as possible; whether it’s optimizing balance and equilibrium or focusing on affected areas of the body.
There are few barriers to enter into our program but program modifications may be necessary and are determined on an individual basis per a client’s application and evaluation.
“The goal of the program is to improve each client’s quality of life,
not to slow their progress.” 

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Definitions of Stroke
What is a Stroke?
 stroke rehab
A stroke, also known as a cerebrovascular accident (CVA), is damage to the brain tissue due to a disruption in the blood supply to the brain. This disruption may be caused by ischemia or hemorrhage. An average of 700,000 Americans are affected by a stroke each year. The majority of these individual survive but with various complications.
Types of Stroke
Ischemic - caused by either blockage of a blood vessel via thrombosis or arterial embolism.
Hemorrhagic - caused by bleeding of blood vessels of the brain, either directly into the brain parenchyma or into the subarachnoid space surrounding brain tissue.
Stroke Symptoms Include
Sudden loss of vision, balance, coordination, consciousness, or speech. Ultimately, symptoms of stroke vary depending on the type of stroke and which area of the brain is affected.

A Stroke may lead to a wide range of short- or long-term issues:
  • Cognitive Function (attention and memory)
  • Motor function (extremity weakness/paralysis, coordination, balance)
  • Sensation (hearing, vision, touch)
  • Emotion (depression, aggression, impulse control, personality changes)
Stroke RehabStroke Rehab
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