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2015-02-23 • Project Walk Headquarters
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Ava Inspires Her Specialists Daily
2017-06-20 • Project Walk Walnut Creek
Ava is a 14 year old girl from San Ramon, CA. She was born with Cerebral Palsy as the result of a hemorrhage she suffered in utero. In November 2016 Ava started her program at Project Walk Walnut Creek thanks to the advice from her occupational therapist!
Katie, a Special Part of the Project Walk Boston Family
2017-03-07 • Project Walk Boston
This is Katie, a client from our Boston location. Katie sustained a C4 spinal cord injury in March of 2015 and one year later she started her journey at Project Walk. Besides having a spinal cord injury that “sucks”, Katie says she is the same person after her injury as she was before.
I Have Too Much of the World Left to See...
2017-02-28 • Project Walk Denver
Mark Deschamp has spina bifida, which he was born with. He has not been able to walk since he was 9 years old but that has not stopped him from his very full life. He is a lover of outdoors, spending much of his time travelling, downhill mountain biking and cruising on ATVs.
Focus and Determination is Paying Off for Jonathan
2017-02-20 • Project Walk Walnut Creek
Jonathan is a native Californian, a lover of coffee, science fiction, and movies. He is also an accomplished student with a degree from NYU. On March 1st, 2015, his life course was altered forever when he sustained a C8 complete spinal cord injury. Exactly one year later, he found Project Walk. He brings his intelligence, focus and determination to every work out and is proof that hard work pays off.
Seeing Results with Hard Work
2017-01-23 • Project Walk Boston
spinal cord injuryAlivia suffered a C6/7 spinal cord injury in August of 2009 and joined our Boston team in March of 2015. Since her injury she has achieved many milestones. She loves her Specialists and looks forward to her goals of using manual wheelchair and backpacking across Africa.
Life and Recovery After a Spinal Cord Injury
2016-12-21 • Project Walk San Diego
spinal cord injuryIn July of 2014 Conor’s life changed forever as he dove into the ocean and suffered a C5 spinal cord injury. Since that moment he has continued to find the drive and determination to overcome his injury. One day he plans to continue his worldly travels, “on his own two feet”, and we know that he will overcome any obstacle in his way. Conor is this month’s client spotlight in San Diego. Congratulations Conor on all that you have achieved.
Stimulator Bypasses Spine Injury, Helps Patients Move Hands
2016-12-14 • EurekAlert
Dr Daniel Lu, a Project Walk Medical Advisory Board Member, and his team at UCLA are making headlines with an electrical implant that has shown to increase finger mobility and grip strength of up to 300 percent in quadriplegics. We are so proud of the work he is doing and the involvement of our clients in his studies.
Shane is Finding His Stride in Boston
2016-12-08 • Project Walk Boston
spinal cord injury Shane’s Specialists can always count on him to be a ray of sunshine in the facility. He is a hard-working client that has a contagious laugh that brings smiles to everyone around him. Shane has a big heart and wants to improve and get better. He is patient and knows that it takes time to get stronger and is willing to put in the effort to achieve his goals.
A Concert Pianist and Amazing Young Man
2016-11-29 • Project Walk Los Angeles
spinal cord injury At the age of three, Alberto was diagnosed with cancer which resulted in a T8 lesion to his spinal cord. He joined our Los Angeles location in April of 2016 and has found it to be a place of encouragement and hope that he will walk again. Alberto is a remarkable young man who focuses his time and energy on learning the piano, practicing baroque music, and assembling computers. He aspires to go to The Juilliard School. We look forward to seeing is continued progress in our program.
An Ambassador For Project Walk
2016-11-22 • Project Walk Boston
spinal cord injury In December of 2010 LeeAnn suffered a T11 spinal cord injury due to a horrific snowboarding accident. Recently her body has really begun to “wake-up” and she is seeing increased ability during her sessions. She stands and walks everyday with assistance and her overall strength continues to increase. LeeAnn is a great ambassador for Project Walk as she brings the best out in everyone and is consistently encouraging other clients to do their best. She is this month’s Client Spotlight in Boston!
A Mom With a Purpose
2016-11-22 • Project Walk Claremont
spinal cord injury In June of 2012 Irma suffered a C5 spinal cord injury as a result of an ATV accident. Prior to the accident she was a full-time mom and full-time employee. Since her accident she has gained greater independence at home and continues to get better with the help of her Specialists Skye and Ashton.
Nothing is Going to Stop Perry!
2016-11-17 • Project Walk Walnut Creek
spinal cord injury Perry is an electrical engineer, a husband, and a father of two kids. This August he was on vacation in Newport Beach when a strong wave knocked him into a sand bar and left him completely paralyzed from the neck down. He suffered a C4/5/6 spinal cord injury. After surgery he began to gain some sensation and movement in his hands and feet.
Paddle Out For Lars
2016-11-11 • Project Walk San Diego
spinal cord injuryEver meet someone that never had a bad word to say about anyone? Someone that helped everyone and asked for nothing in return? This is Lars de Beer and he is this month’s Client Spotlight in San Diego.
Living Life to The Fullest After SCI
2016-11-09 • Project Walk Mt. Laurel
spinal cord injuryDan was injured in a dirt bike accident this past May at the age of 18. As a result of the accident he suffered a T3-T6 spinal cord injury. Prior to his injury he played ice hockey, rode dirt bikes, snowboarded and lived life to the fullest. He hasn’t let his injury change that as he continues to return to those activities and recently obtained his driver’s license. Keep up the great work Dan and thanks for always bringing a smile to the faces of our team in Mt. Laurel.
Welcome to "Tajirisms"
2016-11-03 • Project Walk Las Vegas
Alan suffered a C3 incomplete spinal cord injury in January of 2014. Prior to his injury he was a supervisor at Wynn Casino and lived a very active lifestyle. Since his injury he has fought what he describes as an “uphill battle” with small victories along the way. His ultimate goal is to get back into the gym and walk through the Wynn hotel.
Getting Ready For Duck Season
2016-09-29 • Project Walk Walnut Creek
In 2015 Trevor suffered a major traumatic brain injury that affected both sides of his brain. He had undergone therapy at some of the best clinics in the U.S. but was introduced to Project Walk via a friend who is a member at Forma Gym. Since starting the program he has seen huge improvements. His tireless work ethic is something that we all admire as he pushes himself to exhaustion every session.
Bruce Cook - Never Say Can't
2016-07-11 • Nitro Circus
"As people will see in this film, Bruce has an uncanny ability to push forward at times when most people would quit,” said action sports legend Travis Pastrana. “He's a courageous athlete and a true blue friend. Living proof that nothing is impossible for those who can attack life with a never say die attitude and a smile.”
Under New Management
2016-07-11 • Las Vegas, NV
Project Walk announces that its Las Vegas location is now under new management. Effective this July our Las Vegas team will join our network of Project Walk locations that includes San Diego, Los Angeles, and the Bay Area. This means increased support from our Headquarters team.
Las Vegas Review Journal Highlights Project Walk - Las Vegas
2014-08-18 • Project Walk Las Vegas
Project Walk recovery specialists John Weir, left, and Hailee Bradford, right, help Jeff Roch on the squat rack at the company's facility on Pilot Road in Las Vegas, Tuesday, Aug. 5, 2014. Project Walk opened in Las Vegas in March to offer rehabilitation for paralysis recovery. Roch became a paraplegic after being involved in a motorcycle accident. (Jerry Henkel/Las Vegas Review-Journal)
San Diego, CA