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Katie, a Special Part of the Project Walk Boston Family
2017-03-07 • Project Walk Boston
Client Name: Katie Tuscano
Injury: C4 Spinal Cord Injury
Date of Injury: March 2015
Hometown: Stoneham, MA
Started Project Walk: March 2016

Introducing Katie: Katie sustained a C4 spinal cord injury in March of 2015 and started her Project Walk journey one year later after meeting staff members at baseball games and expos. Prior to her injury Katie taught kindergarten – second grade and was working towards her Master’s Degree. She has always enjoyed spending time with her godchild, no matter where they are or what they are doing.
After Her Accident: Even though she is clear that “SCI sucks”, Katie says she is still the same person she was before… just with a spinal cord injury. She has a quiet ferocity that her Project Walk Specialists admire. She is able to root for and motivate the people around her and does not waiver in her determination when she has a goal in mind. She continues to enjoy the things she always has along with a new, exciting endeavor of building and designing a new house!

What does Project Walk mean to you? Katie has gained much more strength since starting her program at Project Walk. She trains two days per week for three hours each day and for those six hours she’s in the building each week it feels like her home. She enjoys her time at Project Walk because it’s a place where she knows it won’t ever feel like she’s being judged. When she is at Project Walk she knows that she is just being looked at as a person for who she truly is, not for her injury.

Current Hobbies: With the construction of her new house underway, on of Katie’s favorite things to do right now is planning for and designing her new home. She also enjoys making long visits to Target and playing with her two kittens.

Her Goals: Katie’s goals include gaining upper body strength, specifically she would like to see a gain in the strength of her triceps. She is also focusing on core control in her recovery, which is a short term goal that will allow her to stand easily. Ultimately Katie’s largest long term goal is to live independently.

Achievement and Motivation: There have been many achievements for Katie and her team to celebrate during her time at Project Walk thus far! Katie has improved her sitting balance and is able to sit independently for two minutes on the edge of a table. She’s seen improvement in kneeling as well. Recently, Katie stood up on her own for the first time since her accident! She continues to build on that milestone by standing for longer durations while in the standing frame, as well as when she is in the GE-O System. All of this keeps her motivated to keep working ferociously at her recovery and she is always motivated by the end goal of regaining her independence.

Statements from her Specialists:
Katie is a very special part of our Project Walk family. Her kind-heartedness and smile are always a light for those that are training around her. She is the loudest cheerleader with the sometimes quietest voice. But don’t be fooled by her kindness because when it comes to training, her innermost ferocity comes out in full force. Her hard work and determination to improve can be seen by all who surround her.

Katie has shown a number of improvement since beginning her training at Project Walk. She has gained strength in her triceps, core, and has been able to stand for longer durations in both the standing frame and the GE-O System. In addition to her great dedication and extreme focus, Katie also made a monetary donation to our program so that we could make improvements, and also so that others may benefit from her generosity. We love seeing Katie every, “Marvelous Monday” and “Wicked Fun Wednesday”! Keep the Jolly Ranchers coming, and keep up the hard work!!

San Diego, CA