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I Have Too Much of the World Left to See...
2017-02-28 • Project Walk Denver
Client Name: Mark Deschamp
Injury: Spina Bifida @ L4/5
Date of Injury: Birth
Hometown: Littleton, CO
Started Project Walk: September 2016
Introducing Mark: Mark was born with spina bifida and has not been able to walk independently since he was 9 years old. He is an avid fan of adventure and enjoys travelling. He also has two beautiful nieces that he loves and is the Boar Chair for the Spina Bifida Association of Colorado. He will be taking his next big trip this summer: A European Cruise in celebration of his birthday!

After His Accident: Since Mark was born with spina bifida there is no life “before” his diagnosis. Due to his spina bifida, he also has kyphosis, scoliosis and lordosis which all affect the curvature and stability of his spine. He experiences tight muscles and limited flexibility in his back and legs, though he continues to have a strong upper body. He fatigues easily and sleeps almost in a fetal position. He also developed a body consciousness that he says may be unhealthy but he has never been closed off to trying something that could help correct and stabilize any of these issues.

What does Project Walk mean to you? Mark came into Project Walk after a Specialist did a presentation for the Spina Bifida Association Board. When he started he came into the program hoping they could help him with stabilization, flexibility and the re-strengthening of the muscles that had atrophied.
He has noticed an increase in flexibility since joining Project Walk’s program in Denver. He also likes the approach Project Walk takes towards recovery and how his Specialists think outside of the box. The difference in what he’s experiencing from the approach of his past physical or occupational therapy has made the difference. He also appreciates that the Specialists are not afraid to work with him unlike when he has tried to work with a Personal Trainer.

Current Hobbies: Outside of travelling Mark also enjoys exploring the outdoors and partakes in many adventurous activities like downhill mountain biking and riding ATVs. He also likes to explore ghost towns and the backcountry on these excursions. As a part of the Spina Bifida Association he takes part in events throughout the year and is excited for their Annual Walk N Roll fundraiser this May.

His Goals: Mark’s short term goals are to continue to increase his flexibility, further develop the muscles in his bad, legs and butt and to reverse his tight hip flexors. He also wants to work on correcting the kyphosis, scoliosis and lordosis affecting his spine. This is perhaps a long term goal and would result in him being able to lay almost flat on table. As well it would prevent the chance of his spinal curvature worsening to the point it could crush his organs. Long term he also wants to do what he can to maintain his overall health.

Achievement and Motivation: Mark has truly noticed more flexibility in his back since starting Project Walk and that is great achievement! He also experiences less fatigue. His biggest motivation is to achieve the best long-term health possible. As he puts it:

“I have too much of the world left to see and I would like to see my nieces grow up!”

San Diego, CA