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Focus and Determination is Paying Off for Jonathan
2017-02-20 • Project Walk Walnut Creek
Client Name: Jonathan Oczkus
Injury: C8 Complete Spinal Cord Injury
Date of Injury: March 1st, 2015
Hometown: Novato, CA
Started Project Walk: March 1st, 2016

Introducing Jonathan: On March 1st, 2015, Jonathan’s life course was altered forever when he sustained a C8 complete spinal cord injury. Prior to his injury Jonathan was an accomplished student; he earned his degree in Economics from NYU in 2014. He has returned to the Bay Area, where he is from, and continues his education to this day. Jonathan is looking forward to starting work once his education is completed and his focus outside of recovery is to accomplish those goals and live a fulfilled life.

After His Accident: Jonathan has applied his intelligence, focus and determination to his recovery following his accident and the result has been slow, yet consistent progress. His long term goal is to regain the ability to walk, with or without assistance. He is a little less than 2 years post injury now and has been able to live independently with his girlfriend and continue his education recently. His recovery gives him passion for life and through his determination to master any new skill or challenge he faces he continues to build his confidence.

What does Project Walk mean to you? Project Walk is important to Jonathan because he knows that no matter how he’s feeling going into one of his sessions, the work out with one of his Specialists always improves his day. Every work out leaves him feeling tired, but invigorated. He was initially drawn to Project Walk after researching recovery options and finding their philosophy on recovery matched the beliefs and approach he had himself. Finding a program that could offer the rehabilitation he was looking for has helped him with continued determination to not give up. Seeing his progress thus far, and thinking about how it will change the course of the rest of his life elates him.
“My biggest accomplishment since starting Project Walk isn’t as concrete as muscle growth or taking my first steps. It’s the return of the self-confidence I had before my accident.”
Current Hobbies: Jonathan loves movies, science fiction and coffee. He especially prefers to enjoy all three at the same time!
His Goals: Jonathan’s continued short term goals are to get stronger in general as well as to sit and move with greater coordination. As a long term goal he would like to regain the ability to walk, with or without assistance. Through all of this he also wants to strengthen his confidence and subsequently his independence.

Achievement and Motivation: Jonathan views his recovery as his source of passion for life and that keeps him motivated as he works towards his short and long term goals. Recently he was able to sit upright on the Total Gym for over 2 minutes independently, showing improved endurance, balance and coordination. Each time his body adapts and improves he is delighted to see the progress. Even though he has achieved physical milestones while at Project Walk he considers his greatest motivation the return of the self-confidence he had before his accident.

Statements from his Specialists:
Jonathan is young, intelligent and a very hard working man. We chose him this month because we want to show how hard, systematic work can pay off. Jonathan’s recovery is a very slow process and he needs a lot of patience along with regular stimulation. Over time Jonathan is improving his general strength and posture. His endurance, balance and coordination are getting better as well.
- Aneta

As Jonathan’s time in our program has grown, he always feels encouraged when he sees the progress he’s making physically and mentally. When we push Jonathan to do new things at Project Walk, he’s determined to master whatever new skill or exercise we throw at him. He’s enlightened to see how his body adapts and improves over time.
- Rachel

San Diego, CA