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Seeing Results with Hard Work
2017-01-23 • Project Walk Boston


Introducing Alivia: In August of 2009 Alivia was in a car accident and suffered a C6/7 spinal cord injury. Prior to her injury she loved to dance hip/hop, jazz, modern, contemporary, and much more. She also loved to work out and play the piano. Since her injury she has found a passion for traveling and would love to eventually live in Manhattan.
What does Project Walk mean to you? Alivia joined the Project Walk Boston team shortly after the location opened in March of 2015. Alivia feels that Project Walk is unique and she has tried all kinds of therapy prior to Project Walk.

 “No traditional physical therapy works for me, coming here to Project Walk I feel that it is much more hands on and intense. Overall I think it is way better and I see results.”

 Achievements and Motivation: Since joining Project Walk, Alivia has seen a lot of physical improvements. Her left thumb has begun to move, her left triceps are now functioning, she stood for 30 minutes without a break, is able to do a leg press in the Total Gym, and is getting better at pushing herself in her manual wheelchair. Those milestones have allowed Alivia to find additional passions in painting, taking pictures and going to concerts.

Her Goals: Alivia has many goals that she is working towards during her training sessions and outside of them. Her short-term goals include the ability to use a manual wheelchair fulltime and get her right triceps caught up to her left one. Outside of Project Walk she would like to backpack across Africa!

Statements from her Specialists:Alivia has been with Project Walk Boston since the very beginning. She was always nervous about falling or something going wrong. She has been making progress and has gotten much better at trusting our team. She improves in the time that she is here and we continue to see change, love her positive attitude, and willingness to try new things.


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