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More Than Just a Spinal Cord Injury, Brittany Pushes Limits at Project Walk
2014-10-22 • Project Walk San Diego
SAN DIEGO, CA (October 22, 2014) Sustaining a spinal cord injury changes one’s life forever. Most people think a spinal cord injury simply means you “can’t walk” but it’s so much more. A spinal cord injury may mean a life with little independence. For Brittany Correia, 20 independence is what she craves most. Excitement fills her eyes as she describes her hope of one day transferring from her wheelchair to a bed without help; and she’s getting closer each day with the help of The Project Walk Paralysis Recovery Center in San Diego, CA.

Prior to her accident, Correia grew up in Hawaii surrounded by family dedicated to the sport of motocross. “For as long as I can remember, I was always racing dirt bikes,” says Correia “and there isn’t a day that I don’t hope to do it again. I come here [Project Walk] and I push hard because I believe I can someday get back to doing what I love.”

Brittany survived a catastrophic accident when her then-boyfriend hit a dip in a bridge going nearly 100 mph and lost control of Brittany’s car. “We had gotten in an argument and he was driving super-fast. I told him to slow down because I knew we were coming up on the bridge and he sped up instead. The next thing I know we are going up a hill, flipping in the air and when we finally came to a stop I was hanging out of the backside of the car.”

Describing a spinal cord injury, Correia says, “It’s a totally different life. Having this injury will make or break you and I’ve had to learn to do most things differently.”

Based on The Dardzinski Method™, Project Walk is the pioneer in activity-based recovery with nearly two decades of experience working with spinal cord injuries. It’s the Project Walk mission to provide an improved quality of life for people living with a spinal cord injury, paralysis or mobility-related disorder through intense activity-based recovery backed by research and technology.

“When I first heard about Project Walk, I knew that the mentality fit perfectly with my determination to recover,” says Correia. “I have experienced other [outpatient] therapy programs and there is no comparison to Project Walk.”

Project Walk focuses on getting clients out of their wheelchair to work below the level of injury; a different approach than most outpatient programs. For Correia, this method has been nothing short of beneficial.

Brittany most notably made the “Project Walk Milestone” board at Project Walk Headquarters for being able to grip the steering wheel of her car and drive with one hand. A simple task for the able-bodied, but a huge accomplishment for a C6 spinal cord injury.

“This place [Project Walk] is the place to be to get the most out of your recovery,” says Correia.

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