Client Milestones

Each month our locations look to recognized clients who have achieved a milestone in their recovery. These milestones will range from someone taking their first unassisted steps to the initiation of a leg extension. Many of those milestones are captured on video and then displayed through our YouTube channel.
Highlights From Our YouTube Channel
Baby Izaiah making strides in his recovery
“Baby Izaiah” has been on a long road to recovery since a 2010 accident left him paralyzed and unable to speak due to a brain injury. He has made progress every year but just recently has really taken off and stood unassisted for the very first time! Way to go Izaiah!
because HOPE changes everything
Daniel lives with ALS and has traveled all the way from Australia to join the Project Walk family. He has been with our San Diego team for nearly six weeks and is doing great. Way to go Daniel! We are so proud of your progress.
San Diego, CA