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Project Walk Ambassadors are chosen by their local facility to represent Project Walk within the community. Although we understand that all of our clients represent our program, these individuals have been specially recognized for their commitment to spinal cord injury recovery and their local Project Walk communities. Each location may have multiple ambassadors or just one.Ambassadors may also be family and friends of a Project Walk client.
Hal Hargrave Jr. (Lil Hal)
Be Perfect Foundation, Spinal Cord Injury, Hal Hargrave, Casa Colina, The Claremont ClubMy name is Hal Hargrave, I am 23 years old and I was born and raised in Claremont, California. Growing up as a kid I had many hobbies and was very instead in sports and active in the sporting community in Claremont. My parents remained very involved throughout my childhood years in the community whether it be sports, or involved with many of the activities that go on through the city. This introduced me to a great support group of people that were constantly behind me achieving my goals and helping my family in a variety of ways. My family has always felt so loved and appreciated by people throughout the community as their support radiates upon the things we do to help other people. After growing up in attending Claremont High School, I had plans after graduation to go to Cal State Long Beach and play baseball for their team. People say things in life happen for a reason and life acts in mysterious ways sometimes, and through my life experiences, I can assure all of you that this could be any closer to the truth.

Five short years ago, on July 26, 2007 I was involved in a rollover truck accident that left quadriplegic at the C5-6 level, and paralyzed from my neck down. The first several months of my injury after fighting for my life, trying to regain my health and stability, and most importantly soul-searching for my value and purpose here still on this  green earth something finally hit me one day. I realized everything I had done up until that point my life had more or less been for the sake of my own self-interests and how it would benefit me, I soon realized that my own personal attitude reflected upon those around me as they either saw me suffer or shine from the outcomes of a spinal cord injury. This reiterated to me my true calling in life as I realized other people came before I did and I needed to devote my life to helping other people. And this opportunity came just a few months after my injury.

I had been exposed to the many financial shortcomings that this injury withholds, after being introduced to many unfortunate people who had sustained spinal cord injuries and were underinsured by their insurance companies. These horse stories left me searching for answers to the questions I had, but most importantly putting life and perspective of truly what’s important. Family and support above all else and the rest will come. I realized my calling and that I can make a difference by helping other people financially with helping to raise money for them to cover the cost of a spinal injury. I approached my family asking them for permission to take this a step further and try and start my own foundation, The Be Perfect Foundation. They admired my passion and enthusiasm, accompanied by my newfound approach and revelation towards life of what my purpose was. They were completely as supportive and agreed to trying to make the biggest possible difference we could as a family to help other people. Four years later after starting the foundation, after raising $1.7 million and nine amount time, the foundation has helped hundreds of families get their feet back under them when in a pursuit of regaining hope, to someday walk again.  We have helped in a multitude of ways financially to help these individuals by buying wheelchairs, adapting homes and cars, and most importantly keeping people and exercise based therapy.

However, my passion didn’t just stop at raising money I wanted it to be something even bigger, and I thought to myself why not bring the philosophy of Project Walk up to the inland Valley and try and help as many people as we can by creating a place for them to go to work out and get their feedback under them once again. My passions and dreams soon became a reality today, as we have just announced the first-ever franchise of Project Walk, in my hometown of Claremont, California at the very gym I spent my childhood working out at and achieving my dreams of bench pressing 315 pounds. My dreams are a little different now as they go far beyond what’s in the weight room, my dreams or in other people’s hearts and making them full of love and hope. If I could’ve written the script my life I can assure you this wasn’t what I expected, but now I just realized that this was what I was intended to do. Myself, my family and the foundation couldn’t be happier to call Claremont the new home of our dream facility in Project Walk Claremont.
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