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Victoria Arlen
Victoria Arlen's life drastically changed in 2006 at the tender age of eleven when she became stricken with two rare conditions known as Transverse Myelitis and Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis. This was a very rare health scenario and Victoria quickly lost the ability to speak, eat, walk and move. She slipped into a vegetative state in which doctors had written her off as a lost cause. There was little hope of survival and recovery was unlikely. Victoria, however was not ready to give up. In 2010 after almost four years she awoke and began the nearly impossible fight back to life. She went on to exceedingly defy the odds and not only recovered but has since become an accomplished motivational speaker, actress, model and swimmer. Her swimming resume includes three silvers and a gold medal from the London 2012 Paralympic Games as well as multiple world, American and Pan American Records.

At just twenty years old Victoria has become world famous not only for her story and accomplishments but for her message “Face It, Embrace It, Defy It, Conquer It" and "Rock Your Disability." Victoria is daughter to Project Walk Boston owners Larry and Jacqueline Arlen. She is an ambassador for Project Walk and all they do for those suffering with paralysis. Victoria says “I have always been a champion of hope so it is fitting for me to be an ambassador for a place that gives hope to so many." You can find Victoria's famous quotes on the walls at Project Walk Boston.

To Learn More About Victoria You Can Go To Her Official Website, Twitter & Facebook Page
Twitter: @arlenv1
Noah Holt
Nothing could prepare Noah Holt’s parents Mitch & Elisa for the morning of October 3, 2014. At 6 months old Noah went from reaching all his milestones early to becoming paralyzed over night. Noah was diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder called Acute Flaccid Myelitis (AFM, a sub-type of Transverse Myelitis). When Noah was initially diagnosed doctors were unable to tell us if Noah would ever walk. Noah’s parents took him to an internationally recognized expert in rare neurological disorders, Dr. Benjamin Greenberg. Dr. Greenberg gave the Holt family the hope they had been waiting for; Noah would eventually walk. However, this would be contingent upon receiving intensive physical therapy. Noah was blessed to receive the intensive physical therapy services he needed through the Northeast Arc Cape Ann Early Intervention program. Unfortunately, he aged out of the program on his 3rd birthday. Elisa knew she needed to find an activity based recovery program for her son because traditional out patient physical therapy sessions at a hospital were not going to do. Thankfully, the Holts found Project Walk Boston! Noah became apart of the Project Walk Boston family March 2017 and never looked back! Noah is already hitting some of his goals! Project Walk Boston was the Holts family answer to prayer!
Jen Decker

When Jen first heard about Project Walk a couple of years ago, she remembered thinking how cool it would be if there was a program like it for people with other neurologic disabilities. Jen had heard from fellow Project Walk ambassador Victoria Arlen that Cerebral Palsy was a part of the program and she knew she had to check the place out! Even though she has taken part in various adaptive sports, she has never had the option to go to a gym to work out; Project Walk has given her that opportunity and much more. After only a few training sessions, Jen feels like she belongs and looks forward to each workout. When Jen was asked to be an ambassador, she gladly accepted and has been spreading the word to others with CP and beyond. Project Walk sees ability rather than disability, potential rather than limitations and Project Walk is helping her see that in herself as well.

Alison Scher
Alison Scher came to Project Walk to simply maintain her mobility and independence. She underwent several successful treatments for Cerebral Palsy as a child, earned a graduate degree, and entered a full time career only to discover there is no structure in American healthcare to help her treat CP in an aging body. Now, over 50, she struggles to walk and no longer can even benefit from the local neighborhood gym she has used for 30 years. She is passionate about advocating for  physical therapy opportunities throughout the lifespan to prevent costly deterioration and loss of independence. The freedom to explore therapy options and be challenged at Project Walk is helping her to be the strongest she can be at this age. Her faith and the intervention at Project Walk allow her to continue to beat the curve so she can continue to work, travel, recreate and engage in her community.
LeeAnn Ketcham
Shane Winter
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