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Perry is Making Progress Daily
WALNUT CREEK, CA: Perry is an electrical engineer, a husband, and a father of two kids. This August he was on vacation in Newport Beach when a strong wave knocked him into a sand bar and left him completely paralyzed from the neck down. He suffered a C4/5/6 spinal cord injury. After surgery he began to gain some sensation and movement in his hands and feet.
Client Spotlight with Trevor Stotka
WALNUT CREEK, CA: In 2015 Trevor suffered a major traumatic brain injury that affected both sides of his brain. He had undergone therapy at some of the best clinics in the U.S. but was introduced to Project Walk via a friend who is a member at Forma Gym. Since starting the program he has seen huge improvements. His tireless work ethic is something that we all admire as he pushes himself to exhaustion every session.
New Equipment
We are thrilled to reintroduce a piece of equipment to our Bay Area clients. The popular Redcord system has been installed in Walnut Creek and clients are now able to take advantage of its awesome therapy options.
Jackie Making Progress - C4 Spinal Cord Injury
Jacqueline suffered a C4 spinal cord injury nearly four years ago. She has made great progress at our Bay Area locations and recently she took steps for the first time since her injury. Way to go Jackie! We are so proud of you.
Andres Taking His Best Steps - T4 Spinal Cord Injury
Andres suffered a T4 spinal cord injury in 2013 due to a car accident. He began his recovery program with great potential and through a lot of hard work he has progressed to no longer using his wheelchair. Check out his progression in San Jose via Project Walk at Forma Gym Almaden Valley
Jesus Strutting His Stuff - Guillian-Barre Syndrome
Jesus lives with Guillian-Barre Syndrome which caused him to lose his ability to walk 7 years ago. Shortly after starting at Project Walk he began taking steps with very little help from our Specialists. Take a look at some of his recent progress at our Walnut Creek location. Great job Jesus.
Aspen Making Us Cry - C5 Spinal Cord Injury
Meet 4 year old Aspen. She suffered a C5-T5 spinal cord injury and was unable to move her hands beyond her wrists. Check out this precious moment of Aspen waving hello to her mommy after realizing she was able to wiggle her fingers for the first time in over 2 years.
Jiu Jitsu World Champ Focuses on Recovery
SAN JOSE, CA: Steve Watts was on the road to becoming a Jiu Jitsu legend when a freak accident sidelined his dreams, leaving him paralyzed. Considered a rising star, Watts natural knack for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu landed him a World Championship title after only two years of competing in the amateur circuit.
Providing HOPE for our Clients
Project Walk Bay Area brought the community together to focus on H.O.P.E. (Having Only Positive Energy) and bringing that belief to their recovery programs. Here is a highlight video of our clients doing some amazing things!
Project Walk Bay Area
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