Our Team

Project Walk’s mission is to provide an improved quality of life for people with disabilities. Perhaps the most important and effective component of Project Walk is our recovery training services.
These services are carried out by the men and women of Project Walk that devote their daily lives to paralysis recovery. From Facility Managers to Recovery Specialists and the volunteers throughout the community. Those hard working individuals throughout our network are listed below.

Alyssa Martin
Andrew Christ
Andrew Lucero
Aneta Raczynska
Ashton Horowitz
Austin Reed
Cindy Dremely
Daja Kinney
Dan Currie
Daniele Crutcher
Danny Jackson
Dawn MacArthur
Denise Johnson
Derrick Albrecht
Hal Hargrave Jr.
Hal Hargrave Sr.
Jacob Calhoun
Jacqueline Arlen
Jenna Hardy
JR Paloma
John Minahan
Juana Rodriguez
Kara Waukau
Kris Vierra
Kristen Clark
Kristen Johnson
Leslie Clark
Leslie Jackson
Loren Lockett
Lorie Hargrave
Mark Dremely
Matt Heimburger
Mike Alpert

Nicole Pires
Rachel Galarga
Ross LaBove
Shawn Guteirrez
Skye Severns
Stephanie Lomasney
Stephen Ribero
Steven Frazer
Tanya Slusser
Yutaka Rodriguez
Victoria Arlen  

"We Aim to Change the World's View of Disability to That of Ability"
San Diego, CA