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As the world leader in paralysis recovery, Project Walk’s mission is to provide an improved quality of life for people with disabilities. We strive to do this through education, training, research, and development. Perhaps the most important and effective component of Project Walk is our recovery training services.
These services are carried out by the men and women of Project Walk that devote their daily lives to paralysis recovery. From Facility Managers to Recovery Specialists and the volunteers throughout the community. Our headquarters might be in San Diego but the miracle workers are those individuals throughout our network who are listed below.

Alyssa Fischer
Alyssa Martin
Andon Gamache
Andrew Christ
Aneta Raczynska
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Brandon Yates
Bri Wilhelm
Carly Jones
Carrie Stelly
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Daniele Crutcher
Danny Jackson
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Denise Johnson
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Hal Hargrave Sr.
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Troy Baker
Victoria Arlen  

"We Aim to Change the World's View of Disability to That of Ability"
Headquarters Team
Brian Malkinson, Brian Malkinson Project Walk, Project Walk
Brian Malkinson
Chief Executive Officer

Brian’s versatile approach and willingness to adapt has lead Project Walk Paralysis Recovery Centers to grow its brand to the largest network of replicated neurological recovery facilities in the world. Since his tenure with Project Walk began in 2007, Brian has played an integral part in directing the company to certify over 300 individuals in its progressive methods while bringing advanced treatment practices to locations throughout the world.

His unique beginnings led him to start as a Project Walk Recovery Specialist before moving into the education department where he quickly identified the need to manage in-house training and education. Through this initiative he created a transformational strategy that allowed Project Walk to launch a formal international certification program and create a new industry standard for training and educating staff in Project Walk’s methods.

Brian’s ability to move and organize the rapidly changing environment led him to hold titles of Director of Licensing, Chief Operating Officer and as of 2016, President and Chief Executive Officer of Project Walk’s global brand. In 2011 he assisted in the integration of newly formed SCI Business Solutions Inc., exclusive owner and operator of Project Walk Paralysis Recovery Centers to create a highly coveted network of franchised and corporate locations that remains in aggressive expansion today. Known for his focus on employee satisfaction and community engagement, he remains a thoughtful leader with unwavering intentions of changing the way people with disabilities are treated.

Carleen Doan, CarleenDoan, C Doan, Doan, Carleen Doan Project Walk
Carleen Doan
Director of Community Outreach

Carleen has a diverse background in administration with over 10 years of experience in various support and leadership roles. Over that time Carleen has worked closely with executives in the music industry, the nonprofit sector and the health and wellness industry. With an educational background in accounting, she has expanded on that skill set throughout her career. She has always held dynamic roles providing strength in the areas of creative problem solving, team collaboration and operational development which has allowed her to expand her role at Project Walk.

Carleen’s career at Project Walk has been progressive since 2012, receiving her first promotion within her first 90 days with the company. Executives and key managers recognized her abilities to contribute to operational roles early on and in 2015 Carleen was promoted to Facility Manager at the Headquarters location. In 2016 she moved into an Executive role as Operations Manager supporting our robust network of franchisees, corporate partners and Headquarters staff. She looks forward to being a part of the growth and expansion in the coming years and continuing to support the community she has become so passionate about.

Carleen Doan on LinkedIn
Leah Malkinson, LeahMalkinson, L Malkinson, Malkinson, Leah Malkinson Project Walk
Leah Malkinson
Chief Administrative Officer

Leah has more than 10 years in the field of business operations, human resource management, talent acquisition and strategic workplace development. Leah began her career in media relations working for a local Northern California newspaper before embarking on organizational development. She learned early on that talent management and employee engagement were imperative to business success. She obtained a degree in Operations Management from Arizona State University, with an emphasis in leadership development and human resource management.

Her passion for workplace satisfaction stemmed from working with highly talented peers at previous Fortune 500 companies. She saw the effectiveness of leadership development when a company focused on improving communication strategies between its leaders and their direct reports. She was fortunate to have been involved in a mass restructure of a highly acclaimed company in Phoenix, AZ that created an aggressive initiative to encourage improved employee engagement. The talent management team successfully trained over 250 key managers in Situational Leadership, a program by the Ken Blanchard Companies that improves the common language used thereby creating greater partnerships between management and staff. She left Phoenix to return home to sunny San Diego to work directly for the Ken Blanchard Companies in an effort to further learn the core communication approach.

She has brought this collaborative approach to her current career and believes whole-heartedly in the idea, “that a company is only as good as its leaders. And its leaders are only as good as the people they take care of”.
Andon Gamache,Andon, AGamache, Andon Project Walk, Project Walk Paralysis Recovery, Instructor
Andon Gamache
Director of Program Management

Andon graduated Pre-Med from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a B.S. in Physiology and a Minor in Exercise and Health Science. He joined the Project Walk team in 2011 and has since held various roles as a Team Lead, Floor Supervisor and Instructor. As a Level II Certified Recovery Specialist he has played a key role in Project Walk’s certification program. Andon has held every position within the company associated with the treatment of clients and leads the treatment staff to ensure the quality of Project Walk’s program is second to none.

Prior to Project Walk, Andon worked and volunteered as a Surgical Technician at hospitals in Santa Barbara and San Diego. He is a certified EMT in San Diego County. Andon spends any free time snowboarding, motorcycling, playing Racquetball, or camping with his friends and family. His passion and dedication to Project Walk and the paralysis community is evident to his clients and peers.

Education and Training
Troy Baker, Project Walk Paralysis Recovery, Instructor
Troy Baker
Certified Recovery Specialist - Level I
Troy earned his Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology from San Diego State University and his Masters Degree in Exercise Science. He is currently certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) as a Corrective Exercise Specialist.

Troy has more than 10 years of experience in corporate, community and clinical settings and has held a wide range of positions during this time. Troy has served as a strength and conditioning coach, working with teams, small groups and individuals of various ages, skill levels and sports, including several past Olympians, professional, collegiate and youth athletes. For the past 6 years, Troy has served as a Clinical Exercise Physiologist for Tri-City Medical Center cardiac rehabilitation, while also serving as the Medical Integration Coordinator for Tri-City Wellness Center, responsible for all assessments, evaluations and program designs for specialized populations (inclusive of cardiac, diabetic, arthritis, cancer and orthopedic). Further, Troy continues to serve his community as a Kinesiology Associate Instructor for Mira Costa College and as subject matter expert involved in writing the exam content and composition for the American Council on Exercise (ACE) San Diego.

Troy also volunteers his time to an assortment of groups throughout San Diego County, including the NSCA Southwest Region as a facilitator, Tri-City Medical Center as an expert panel member and lastly, several youth and disability organizations. As a dedicated professional, practitioner and student representing the health and human performance field, Troy is committed to providing the highest standards of care, quality, and professional practices.
Jillienne Feather, Project Walk Paralysis Recovery, Instructor
Jillienne Feather
Certified Recovery Specialist - Level II
Jillienne attended Loyola Marymount University where she earned a B.S. in Natural Science with an emphasis in Kinesiology and Physical Therapy. She has six years of student athletic training experience and completed an internship with the Sports Medicine Institute of Los Angeles. She has been a part of the Project Walk team since 2007 and loves that she has the opportunity to incorporate her athletic training background into her activity-based paralysis recovery training.

After completing her Level I & II Specialist Certification, Jillienne was a Team Lead before beginning work within Project Walk's Certification Department. As Course Development Coordinator she recreates and modifies all of Project Walk's training and certification manuals as well as instructs and certifies new staff. Jillienne began overseeing the Home Recovery Program in January 2013 and loves having the opportunity to affect the lives of people with paralysis from their homes.

Jillienne has an extensive background in yoga and is an avid runner. Having grown up in Carlsbad, she feels truly blessed to live in this city and be part of an organization that is changing the world’s perspective on paralysis recovery and is making a difference in people’s lives every day!
Jason Smith, Project Walk Paralysis Recovery, Instructor
Jason Smith
Certified Recovery Specialist - Level II

Jason Smith has been treating different forms of paralysis with Project Walk since 2006. He studied directly our Founder Ted Dardzinski and is a master in retraining the nervous system His clients and the staff hold Jason's ability in the highest regards.

Bri Hamilton, Project Walk Paralysis Recovery, Instructor
Briana Wilhelm
Certified Recovery Specialist - Level II

Bri received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Biology from Scripps College in 2002. Immediately after graduation she completed an internship and training certification program at ADAPT, formerly known as Function Dynamics in Portland, Oregon. After working with a variety of clients at Function Dynamics, ranging from injury rehabilitation, chronic pain reduction and high-end athletic training, she found her passion in paralysis recovery. In 2005 Bri relocated to Carlsbad to work at Project Walk. Since then Bri has completed both her Level I, II and Instructor certifications and has been training and instructing Project Walk staff, clients, family members, and physical therapists about Project Walk’s program. She has also traveled to Norway, Australia and Texas for continued education courses and expanding The Project Walk Method to rehabilitation centers in those areas.

San Diego, CA